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"...You want to make people laugh? Bring together elements that don't belong together and give them a situation that doesn't fit and you got a winner. Dina Morrone, a playwright and actress knows this very well. That's why she put an Italian family in Ontario, Canada - in Way Up Bay of all places (Google doesn't think it exists). Then she introduces a moose who happens to wander into the neighborhood, a returning daughter with a not-so-secret agenda and a lazy overgrown son with a native girlfriend and what have you got?" - Written by Jose Ruiz

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"...Morrone's play is clearly semi-autobiographical, inspired by her family, and the day a moose wandered out of the bush and into a neighbor's backyard. Short on plot, the play centers on a big family dinner, and Giuseppe's ill-starred attempt to shoot the moose. It's a pleasantly old-fashioned family comedy, affectionately but keenly observed, and deftly directed by Peter Flood. Tom Badal plays both the talkative Moose and the local chief of police." - Written by Neal Weaver - Recommended

"...Remember that iconic scene in the television story Northern Exposure when a moose wanders into town? That is a moose on the loose. Moose On The Loose is also the title of an amusing play by Dina Marrone that she developed in a workshop at Theatre West in Los Angeles. How lucky a playwright is to have access to such a workshop and then get to see her vision put into full production. Moose On The Loose is a semi-auto-biographical work about an Italian family from Cambria Italy who left their impoverished existence to find a better life. They got as far as Way Out Bay in a remote little town in Ontario Canada and put down roots. The play begins as daughter Gina arrives fresh from the competitive world of marketing to take a year off. But she has a hidden agenda. At the same time a moose wanders into town and here father Giuseppe decides to go shot the moose despite the fact that it is protected but Giuseppe is out of work and very frustrated because in his world, a father provides for his family."  - Written by Robert Machray

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…Moose On The Loose, an uproarious, wildly entertaining play worthy of it’s recently successful run at Theatre West…