Written by Dina Morrone, Moose on the Loose is a story about one woman's family and all their eccentricities. Imagine what might happen when a family emigrates from Italy to Canada, tries to fit in, but doesn't want too. Now, add a Moose loose in the city, down the street to be exact, and the chaos that ensues in a small town over such an event. Now add the hilarious antics of individual personalities that we all know and love about our various families, and you have Moose on the Loose. For a better understanding, perhaps think of the show as a sort of Big Fat Greek Wedding style production and you likely will understand what you will see.

Marvelous performances are given by both Tom Badal, portraying a police chief and a Moose, as well as John Cygan, portraying the father of the family, Giuseppe. A stellar performance was given by Connie Mellors, who only opening night took the script in hand to play the family mother, Maria. This because the actress intended for the role originally fell ill and was unable to appear. Though she was on book, this lady proved that she more than has the stuff of a highly trained and successful performer.

Theatre West is a wonderful theatre with very comfortable seating, a delightful staging area, and ample free parking right across the street. The set for this production was ingeniously designed and perfect for the space. The script, though there is little plot outside of just having a few laughs, was interesting and worth the time. All in all, a great night at the theatre that I would gladly recommend to all. 


(Photo Credit – Ed Krieger)